It's a fact of life. Every human being on the face of the earth, is going to have bad days.

It's a common question. People will ask how your day is going. When you check out at the store, you're told to have a nice day.

Problem is, you can't always do that. When you come home and your honey asks how your day was, it's impossible to always have a positive answer.

A new survey finds that Americans have about 60 bad days each year. Work and lack of sleep were found to be the two most frequent contributors to putting a damper on one’s day.

However, sleep, or a lack thereof, was found to be the largest source of misery, accounting for 67 percent of an individual’s dissatisfaction on any given day.

It may seem that stress is the main cause. But actually, stress can only dominate you usually if you're tired. There are extreme situations of course. But if you are well rested and in full power, stress can't get to you.

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