Iowa is home to some beautiful sights. Nestled between two of America's great rivers (the Mississippi and Missouri) and with plenty of things to see in the middle, the Hawkeye State is a lot more than just rolling fields of corn.

That being said, one city, in particular, has the unfortunate designation of being the "ugliest" in the entire state, and the reason behind it is a bit baffling.

According to A Lot Travel, the "Ugliest" city in the state of Iowa is a place everyone has heard of, although I've never heard it described as "ugly" until now.

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Where Is The Ugliest Town In Iowa?

Credit: Hunter Fergen via YouTube
Credit: Hunter Fergen via YouTube

That's right, according to Travel A Lot, it's the city of Ames.

Something tells me Iowa Hawkeye fans are getting a kick out of this one.

However, the reason Travel A Lot, chose Ames (Home of Iowa State University) as the state's "ugliest" is a be peculiar:

While it may be a safe place to live (unlike some of the other places on this list), it's also one of the most boring. Unless you're a student at ISU, there's probably not going to be enough going on to satisfy you. At least you can always just stare out into the cornfields!

-A Lot Travel

Look, everyone has the right to their own opinion, but something tells me the authors of this list haven't even bothered to see Ames, Iowa in person. As a native Iowan myself, I can say that the city of Ames has a lot to offer and is one of the cornerstones of Iowa.

To put it bluntly, I'd say this ranking is pretty bogus.

To get a glimpse of Ames, and to see why it absolutely does not deserve the title of 'Ugliest Town in Iowa', check out the YouTube Video Below.

And if you want to see the full list of the Travel A lot's "Ugliest" town in each state, click here.

Story Source: Travel A Lot


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