In a recent study, the state of Iowa was named the 14th smartest state in the entire U.S., with a purported average IQ of 101. However, due to a lack of education, certain parts of the Hawkeye are lagging behind the rest.

Roadsnacks recently compiled its list of the "Dumbest Towns in Each State". And while the headline is a bit off-putting, the results are eye-opening.

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Disclaimer: The Findings of this study do not reflect the views of the author of this article

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

In its list, Roadsnacks used a few key factors to determine the "Dumbest Towns" in Iowa. These include the percentage of the population who are high school dropouts, along with the percentage who have a college degree. Based on these elements, here are the results:

  1. Osceola (Clarke County): High School Dropout Rate: 20%, Highly Educated: 12%
  2. Perry (Dallas County): High School Dropout Rate: 17%, Highly Educated: 11%
  3. Denison (Crawford County): High School Dropout Rate: 29%, Highly Educated: 16%
  4. Estherville (Emmet County): High School Dropout Rate: 15%, Highly Educated: 17%
  5. Storm Lake (Buena Vista County): High School Dropout Rate: 31%, Highly Educated: 19%
  6. Oelwein (Fayette County): High School Dropout Rate: 11%, Highly Educated: 13%
  7. Marshalltown (Marshall County): High School Dropout Rate: 20%, Highly Educated: 19%
  8. Centerville (Appanoose County): High School Dropout Rate: 12%, Highly Educated: 17%
  9. Council Bluffs (Pottawattamie County): High School Dropout Rate: 13%, Highly Educated: 19%
  10. Manchester (Delaware County) High School Dropout Rate: 12%, Highly Educated: 18%

In regards to its findings, Roadsnacks stressed that while formal education is only one factor in determining intelligence, having basic schooling is important for a town to survive and thrive in the world today.

To see the full list, check out the article from Roadsnacks here.

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