Since I live over 500 miles away from home, it's always a treat to watch my Alma Mater in action around the Sioux Empire!  This time, the Saint Xavier University Cougar Football Team made an 8-hour trip to Northwestern College to compete in the opening round of the NAIA FCS!

This contest proved to be a real defensive defensive battle!  I literally sat on the edge of my seat the entire game.  SXU hasn't had very good luck when they play in Iowa...

Allow me to explain: During my senior year at Saint Xavier University, I was fortunate to travel with the team during the football season. I always had fun being on the road with the team because it afforded me the opportunity to get to know the players and coaches better and their respective roles on the team.  This was extremely helpful since I was only at SXU for a year.  For the past two seasons, the Cougars have lost in the quarterfinals of the NAIA FCS against Morningside College.  I covered their first meeting, and it was not pretty.  Somehow the team always ends up losing in Iowa.  When the NAIA announced the opening round games last week, I held my breath when I heard the Cougars were traveling to Iowa.  But, at least it wasn't Morningside in the first round!

I was so excited to see this team get a win!  It has been a tough week in the Cougar community, so this was a well-deserved victory! The team is just as fun and crazy as I remember them!  See for yourself with these photos!

Credit: Sarah McDonald
Credit: Sarah McDonald

You'll never guess who the Cougars are playing next week...I guess the NAIA really loves this matchup! Time for another road trip to Sioux City!  Let's just hope this game with Morningside ends on a high note!

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