The state of South Dakota has plenty of historic and iconic buildings. However, one website listed one of our biggest (and most famous) landmarks as the ugliest building in the entire state.

Sometimes, outsiders see things a bit differently than those of us who were born and raised in the area. Most Sioux Falls buildings are part of the fabric of the town itself, especially when you're talking about the tallest structure in the city, the CenturyLink Tower, located in the downtown area.

The Insider website recently published its "Ugliest Buildings in all 50 States", which has some Sioux Falls residents scratching their heads as to why the CenturyLink Tower was selected as the ugliest building in the Mount Rushmore State.


According to the website, locals aren't fond of the building's odd look, but by all accounts, most Sioux Falls residents don't seem to have any issues with the 11 story building.

The CenturyLink Tower(11 stories high) was originally built in 1986, and back then it was known as the Qwest Tower. At the time, the tallest structure in the state was the Zip Feed Tower, until its demolition back in 2005.

Other states ugliest buildings, according to Insider include, 801 Grand, Des Moines (45 stories high), as well as the Capella Tower in Minneapolis (56 stories high)

Many of the skyscrapers on this list are quite surprising, if only because they define the skyline of their respective cities.

You can see the full list of the "ugliest buildings" in each state (including the surprising results of Nebraska and North Dakota)  in the insider article here.

Story Source: Insider

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