The cat may be out of the bag. It seems people outside of the Mount Rushmore state are finally starting to see what makes this place such a great place to live. That includes one popular YouTuber.

In this fun and informative video, the narrator gives the top 10 reasons outsiders should consider moving to South Dakota. And you'll never guess what his number one option is...

The World According to Briggs has over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and has made a number of videos about South Dakota and surrounding states. This South Dakota video has nearly 50,000 views in just under a week.

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Here's a look at some of the standouts from his top ten:

7) Low Cost of Living: As the narrator mentions, South Dakota is an extremely affordable place to live. In fact, according to the video, it's the fifth cheapest state to live in, as of 2019.

6) Nature: As the video explains, South Dakota has some of the most breathtaking nature you'll find anywhere in the country. From the Badlands and the Black Hills to the Missouri River. There's something here for everyone.

3)Lower Taxes: Another perk from living in South Dakota? It's one of only 9 states that doesn't have an income tax.

1)Rich History: The history of South Dakota began with Native American tribes such as the Lakota, Cheyenne. France and Spain also laid claim to our state for a period of time. And arguably the most historic moment in our state's history was the Lewis and Clark expedition.

I would have to agree with his number one option. It's not something that always comes to mind when you think of it, but the state has one of the richest histories of almost any state. What do you think? What's your number one reason for moving to South Dakota?

Check out the full video in the YouTube link below.

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