There are plenty of reasons why South Dakotans should tell visitors they should move to this state. Some of these reasons may include the numerous opportunities you have to enjoy the outdoors, the presence of great local businesses, as well as the fact that the cost of living is quite affordable.

However, there is actually one website that lists 14 reasons why someone should not relocate to the state of "Great Face and Great Places." Apparently, this website claims South Dakota is not fun. How rude!

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Only In Your State is usually known for highlighting all the great amenities that South Dakota has to offer. This recent article gives future South Dakotans an idea of what it might look like if they moved here. It's somewhat of a satirical story that actually highlights South Dakota.

The writer from Only In Your State recognizes that living in South Dakota is not for everyone. That's why this story lists 14 reasons why someone might not move to South Dakota.

The following list offers 14 reasons from Only In Your State about why you shouldn't move to South Dakota.

  1. We barely have any delicious regional foods to enjoy.
    1. One popular South Dakota food to try is chislic!
  2. Our cost of living is absolutely through the roof.
    1. This is not entirely true. South Dakota has been ranked as one of the most affordable places to live.
  3. Nobody does anything fun or exciting in South Dakota, especially in the winter.
    1. South Dakota winters can be harsh. However, there are plenty of winter activities to do like skiing at Great Bear or ice skating in the park.
  4. It just really bites not having one specific sports team to cheer for.
    1. There really is not a specific professional sports team everyone roots for and supports. However, there are plenty of Minnesota Vikings fans in South Dakota.
  5. Our state parks are awful.
    1. Badlands, Crazy Horse, Custer Park...totally not fun at all…Really…???
  6. Our sunsets and sunrises are just…. meh.
    1. South Dakota sunsets and sunrises are breath-taking in my opinion. They really highlight the beauty of the state.
  7. And the people just aren’t that friendly, really.
    1. You'll find out that most people in the Midwest are really friendly, especially in South Dakota.
  8. It's awful to live in a state where it snows.
    1. Snow is not always the greatest. However, it does look pretty when it's not a blizzard outside.
  9. We don’t have any historic towns to explore.
    1. Totally false! Deadwood is just one of the historic towns to visit when you travel west in the state.
  10. There’s just nothing to see in South Dakota.
    1. When you see Mount Rushmore, it truly takes your breath away.
  11. You will never feel as though you have privacy.
    1. South Dakota is full of wide opened spaces. You might feel like you have too much privacy.
  12. Every single rumor you ever heard about South Dakota is true including the one about our state consisting only of farmland.
    1. If you're looking to live in a city, then Sioux Falls would be the place for you! It's the biggest city in South Dakota.
  13. South Dakota is not really a great place to raise a family.
    1. This is a far cry from the truth! South Dakota is a great place to raise a family thanks to all the great school districts.
  14. Who would want to live in this state anyway?
    1. It's okay if this lifestyle is not for you! South Dakota is still a terrific location for a family vacation!

So is South Dakota the right place for you?


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