There may not be a better athlete out there than the University of Minnesota's Gable Steveson. On Saturday, the Olympic Gold Medalist notched his second national title at the NCAA Championships, finishing his career.

Wrestling - Olympics: Day 14
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The 3-time Big Ten Champion called it a career after taking home his second national title on Saturday. As for his signature celebration, you'll have to check it out for yourself:

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Brandon Cain on Twitter: ".@GableSteveson is pure entertainment! #NCAAWrestling #Gophers" / Twitter

Steveson finishes his NCAA Career with an amazing 67-2 record, three Big Ten Titles, two National Titles, and an Olympic Gold. He is now on to the WWE, where he has signed a contract.

Wrestling - Olympics: Day 14
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Here's Steveson's final memorable moment of Saturday's win and ensuing celebration:

NCAA Wrestling on Twitter: "One of the best to ever step on the mat. Thank you @GableSteveson for all you have done for the sport of wrestling. #NCAAWrestling" / Twitter

Source: Wikipedia and Linked Videos


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