Whenever you are traveling via airplane, there is always that possibility flights may be delayed or cancelled. Passengers may even miss their connecting flights. Then these individuals are faced with the challenge of trying to rebook their flights.

Situations like these can become extremely frustrating, especially when a flight is delayed for hours on end. When I was enduring these circumstances on Tuesday, I noticed some passengers decided to have some fun while waiting for their flight to Sioux Falls. I can’t think of a better way to pass the time while waiting to board a plane than running a race!

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A full United Airlines flight was heading to Sioux Falls on Tuesday night from Chicago. It was scheduled to depart around 7:40 PM. Instead...this plane did not leave for approximately another three hours. Rather than being frustrated with the situation, two passengers on this Sioux Falls flight decided to race each other for the heck of it! Neither of them knew each other prior to this friendly race, so it was great to see complete strangers having fun!

There was clearly a winner in both events. It was just too comical how random this situation was! It was my understanding one of the gentlemen was visiting Sioux Falls to see a client at a South Dakota university. Sounds like this guy was maybe a sports agent...I certainly did not want to pry any further.

These races really put a smile on my face! At this point of my "extended vacation," I was completely exhausted. The reason why I was even scheduled to be on that United flight was that I missed my connecting flight to Sioux Falls at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport earlier in the day on Monday. My first plane was delayed which caused me to miss my second flight. I quickly learned all flights to Sioux Falls for the remainder of the day were booked. At that point, I wasn't even sure if I was going to be on a plane on Tuesday!

Despite the fact I was able to spend a little extra time with my family, I was super tired and seeing those guys race made my day! You truly never know what's going to happen when you're at an airport!


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