One of Minnesota's most historic bowling alleys got a major boost in attention this week, as millions of people from around the world watched a viral video that was shot there.

The bowling alley (which also serves as a bar and theater), like so many other businesses, has been hit hard since the onset of the pandemic, so all of this attention is undoubtedly welcome news for them.

In this astonishing video, the camera zooms down into the bowling alley and flies throughout the building, all in one incredible take. It even takes a peek behind the pins and shows you what it's like in the maintenance room.

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The video was conceived by Sky Candy Studios and was shot at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis.

According to everyone involved in the shooting of the video, it's 100 percent real and no CGI was used to make it. Matt Welsh and Jay Christensen (of Sky Candy Studios) harnessed a Go-Pro Camera to a mini-drone, then gathered volunteers to be involved in the shoot.

And just because the video was done in one shot, doesn't mean it didn't take several tries. The video's Director said that it took about ten takes to get it right.

Bryant Lake Bowl has been around since 1936 and has been a destination for tourists and bowling fans for decades.

Check out the amazing video in the YouTube link below. And wait for the ending!


Story Source: Bryant Lake Bowl

Story Source: Kare11 via YouTube

Story Source: Sky Candy Studios

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