Once I was a kid I got to ride with my Uncle Hank once a year in his truck (a huge truck to a little boy!) to the Sioux Falls Stockyards.

We'd have a load of cattle or pigs and off we'd go, me sittin' right there in the cab with him. We'd unload those animals and then the best part of all (next to the ride of course)...a stop at the Stockyards cafe!

I'd have a hot beef sandwich with the "boys", other truckers from here, there and everywhere. There I was, sitting next to my Uncle Hank listening to them talk about...well, whatever it was ol' truckers talked about!

I know we have a lot of truckers listening to KXRB...I get calls from them every afternoon on "The Mess". So here's a special video dedicated to you men and women that steer the 18-wheelers, the big rigs, or the grain trucks, the mail trucks or the trucks that carry the goods to the stores.

And it's for Uncle Hank too. He's gone now, probably sitting in a far, far away truckstop or stockyard cafe. I always loved the ride, Uncle hank. Thanks for taking a little kid along on our own little "Convoy".