DISCLAIMER: For the sake of business confidentiality, the name of the hotel is not mentioned. These are unfortunate situations that can unfold while you're staying in any hotel-not just in Sioux Falls! These sour reviews are based on experiences from tourists, not the author. 

People are finally hitting the road and heading to vacation destinations with family and friends.  There's always something wonderful about being on vacation....new experiences, visiting new museums and attractions, and minimal stress.

Personally for me, staying at hotels just gives you the feeling that you are truly on a respite.  Well, until you know what hits the fan at your hotel of choice, and all of the sudden, you're questioning every decision you have made regarding this vacation.

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It's everyone's worst nightmare when they walk into their rooms, and everything is just wrong.  The sheets aren't clean, there could be bed bugs, the bathroom is a mess, there are insects crawling on the floor, etc., etc., etc. The list could be a mile long.

So what do you do when you have a horrible and terrifying hotel experience?  You write a bad review on Tripadvisor. That's exactly what three Sioux Falls tourists did when they stayed at the same hotel.

Natasha-TSM, Terry Jacobs-TSM, Google Maps
Natasha-TSM, Terry Jacobs-TSM, Google Maps

For the sake of business confidentiality, I'm not going to mention the name of the hotel.  Feel free to uncover that information on your own.  For the purpose of this story, I will share with you the dreadful reviews of three individual visitors who stayed at the same lodging establishment right here in Sioux Falls.  After reading these reviews on Tripadvisor, one can surmise their experiences at this particular facility were not the best.  Take a look to see what these dissatisfied customers had to say about their stays at this particular Sioux Falls hotel:

"Bed crappy, room small, smells, outdated, noisy and leaky a/c's, tiny tv, should be cheaper for what you get, have to pay for wifi. Positives: I have not been robbed and I don't think there is bed bugs. Not a bargain and I would recommend spending an extra $20 somewhere else with better accommodation."

"Waited an hour past check-in time then was told I had to wait another hour. Very small room, stunk badly. Toilet not cleaned. Bed was hard as a rock and would drop to the side causing me to roll into my husband. Trash on the ground all over the property. For $80 a night you'd think they'd use that to upgrade that awful place. Will never stay there again and will not recommend it to anyone."

"I would not recommend anyone staying here. It's very old and run-down looking from the outside and the rooms are not better on the inside. The room smelled of mold and the bed was horrible. It was the worst night of sleep for starting a vacation. So glad we only spent one night here because that was one night too many!!"

Yikes...The next review indicates it looked like someone was already staying in the room that was just assigned to the guest providing the report.

Have you ever had a horrible hotel experience?

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