A hundred years from now...let's see, that would be 2120...our descendants will be studying the year 2020 and will read page after page after page about:

Pandemic. Covid-19. Coronavirus. Self-distancing. Quarantine. And whatever else might be coming down the pike before the end of the year.

But how about we take a look back, you and I. While we're living through a most unusual year here in 2020, what about our ancestors, our Grandparents or maybe Great Grandparents? Well, they had an interesting year, too.

Ladies were invited to the voting booths with the ratification of the 19th Amendment. I'm not sure how Great Grandpa felt about it, but I bet Great Grandma was celebrating.

If your family member born that year was named Robert or Mary, they were in good company. Those were the most popular baby names in 1920.

A first-class stamp would put you out two pennies. They're 55 cents today.

The folks in 1920 were introduced to something called a Band-Aid, and I'll bet they put it to good use. Also, something new hit the candy bar shelf: The Baby Ruth.

A slew of people who would become famous landed on the planet a hundred years ago including Walter Matthau, Tony Randall, Mickey Rooney, and two futuristic 'Star Trek' crew members: DeForrst Kelly and James Doohan (aka Bones and Scotty). Oh yeah, and a not so famous guy was born in '20 too, my Dad.

The Roaring 20's were on the horizon, and so was the Great Depression and a second World War that wold ravage lives around the world. But they survived and prospered. And so will we.

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