Davey Crockett sure looked a whole like like Daniel Boone. No, not historically, unless you're talking historic television.

Fess Parker was a great television actor who portrayed both of those historic American legends.

While Daniel Boone was a major TV hit in the 1960's (remember the great Ed Ames as his trusted friend Mingo?), it was in the 1950's that Fess Parker in the title role of 'Davey Crockett' sparked a fashion craze.

No, not a fashion craze that Dad and Mom were interested in.  This was for the kids.

Perhaps like kid's today absolutely have to have whatever the latest video game or video game player is, well, in the 1950's you just had to have a coonskin cap!

Oh it didn't have to be real coonskin...whatever was cheap at the store was fine.  Just as long as it looked like the one Davey had on the ol' black-and-white set in the living room!

In this great Disney video clip, Buddy Ebsen hosts a look back at that great show.  And yes, there was a great actor named Buddy Ebsen before he transformed into Jed Clampett!  Why, he was Davey's best pal George Russel.

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