We are all looking forward to grilling season with endless barbeque and pool parties in the backyard.  This could be an issue for some.  Believe it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a propane tank shortage.

So why propane tanks out of all the other grilling accessories?  Well besides utilizing propane tanks for backyard grills, they also keep people warm when they are outside.  Most restaurants throughout the country discovered ways to implement outdoor seating options in an effort to keep their doors open....hint: propane tanks!

Are you starting to connect the dots? Propane tanks became a huge reason why restaurants were still able to serve their guests outside when the temperatures began to fall. More restaurants used propane tanks as a source of heat for outdoor dining during the winter months than ever before.  Hence, the national propane shortage.  The repercussions from the COVID “fires” just won't burn out.

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MSN is reporting that many retail stores like Home Depot and Lowe's are already "running short or are completely out."  They simply cannot keep up with the demand.  But apparently, this shortage has been occurring throughout the country for a number of months.  MSN explains, "The propane shortage is nothing new, as businesses were trying to get propane for those outdoor tables as far back as the winter. Customers throughout the South also were seeking propane during a series of hurricanes and winter storms.”

NewsNation offers further in-depth information regarding this on-going shortage,  "Market conditions have driven propane prices up by over 70% in the past few months."  This shortage could also be attributed to the bitter cold temperatures much of the country experienced in early 2021.

So is there still hope for BBQ gatherings this summer? Just be sure to be proactive and shop for those propane tanks ahead of time.

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