On Friday, March 19, 2021, Sanford Health received another gracious donation from Denny Sanford.

The South Dakota philanthropist gave Sanford Health $300 million to put towards "medical education..an investment in community health and wellness, while planning continues for a third major initiative focused on building a virtual hospital of the future" according to a press release from Sanford Health.

"This initiative will allow us to bring transformative health care opportunities to the rural midwest," stated Bill Gassen, current president and CEO of Sanford Health.

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This virtual hospital will help deliver medical services to communities, patients, and long-term care to residents across the areas Sanford already serves and beyond.

Sanford Health plans to release more information about this initiative within the next year.

"Using the best technology, the virtual hospital will enable us to move more easily (and) provide a wide range of care, including for complex chronic diseases as well as care transitions, in a way that is convenient and accessible for our patients and residents," said Erica DeBoer, the chief nursing officer for Sanford Health.

With this $300 million commitment from Denny Sanford, his total generous giving to the nation's largest rural health care system is more than 1 billion dollars.

Today's $300 million dollar donation is Denny Sanford's second-largest amount he has donated to the Sanford Health Care system.

His largest donation to date was back in 2007 of $400 million which helped to move the rural health care system from the small regional provider it was before to now being one of the largest health care systems in the United States.

This information was all kindly provided via a press release from Sanford Health.

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