A Car-train crash occurred just west of the intersection of 26th and Southeastern in Sioux Falls at 5:20 PM on Wednesday (October 31).

A 2012 White Mercedes was on the tracks with cars all around, stopped at a red light, while the train was approaching. The woman’s car was pushed along the track about a block before the train came to a stop.

A man in the area saw it happen and posted on Facebook after the train and car came to rest.

The driver who was still in the car during the incident received citations for failure to stop at a train crossing and no driver’s silence. There were no other passengers in the car.  Damage was listed at $8,000.

The train had begun the process to slow down. The flashing red lights and train horn could be heard, however, there were no arms at that trail crossing location. There were no injuries.

The area was closed down to traffic along 26th Street for over an hour during the rush hour, prompting vehicles to re-route onto I-229 north, creating a back up of traffic on the interstate awaiting the 10th Street exit.

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