If you stop by the radio ranch here, the one that's called Results Radio/Townsquare Media, and you happened to see me plodding through the lobby or hallway, there's about a 95% chance you'll see me tripping along with my trusty ol' coffee mug.

I like my coffee. No, not a cup to get started in the morning. Several more than a few cups throughout the day. I've been told I drink too much coffee. Moderation, they tell me, everything in moderation.

Well, pfft to that!

According to Healthline.com, too much coffee is just about right! By golly, according to this scientific study, if I keep slurping up the Java, I've got a pretty good chance to outlive those people that tell me I drink too much of that beautiful, dark nectar (By the way, they also says additives like sugar and creamer can negate the positives, so be like me, have it black).

And this isn't just some little study where they asked 10 people. Nope, this was a study of darn near half-a-million people! And the science says:

Coffee is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.

It is more than just dark-colored liquid with caffeine... coffee actually contains hundreds of different compounds, some of which have important health benefits.

Several massive studies have now shown that the people who drink the most coffee live longer and have a reduced risk of diseases like Alzheimer's and diabetes.

So pardon me while I meander down to the break room coffee pot and pour myself a hot, fresh mug of this delightful health wonder. Then it's back to work!

Well, after a quick stop in the Men's Room.

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