Text threats from a student attending Corsica-Stickney were taken seriously by administration, prompting a decision to delay opening school doors on Monday (March 12).

Aurora County Sheriff David Fink described the events that unfolded that lead to a late start for Corsica-Stickney school.

"It didn't happen at the school.  No, these were text messages that were sent from a student to other students, referencing what could happen today. As a result of that, the juvenile was taken into custody and being held in detention.  The threat was through text messages back and forth and the threat was sent out."

The Sheriff department did not reveal the age or grade of the student, or the nature of the threat.  Other sources revealed that written threats and pictures on social media prompted the school closure.

Police say if there is ever a concern over a potential threat whether in person,social media, text message or phone, it is best to report it and let police determine the severity of the threat to best determine the safety of student and faculty.

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