South Dakota has many special qualities and characteristics. Whether it is a popular attraction or a local meal that’s unique to the area, the state always offers something new to discover. This is especially true when you travel to "odd" towns.

There's always that one town in every state that has a name that just does not make sense. It seems really strange. In fact, these names are so odd that sometimes you question if they even really exist.

South Dakota has a town that could possess the "most oddest name" for a town in the entire state. However, South Dakota is not the only state that can claim a town with an odd name. These odd names are all over the country!

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Thrillist explains that "via the research and data firm Estately comes a map of the 'Most Oddly-Named Towns in Each U.S. State,' and it's a goldmine for the American traveler, not to mention instructive when it comes to regional history." Some of these names just make you laugh like Santa Claus, Indiana, Spuds, Florida, and Chili, Wisconsin.

What's South Dakota's oddest named town? The oddest name town in South Dakota is known as...."Plenty Bears." No kidding.

So where exactly can you find Plenty Bears, South Dakota? It is part of Bennett County, and it's not too far away from Allen, South Dakota on the west river side. This South Dakota town is just a tick under five hours away from Sioux Falls.

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Some other odd town names that aren’t too far from the Sioux Empire include: Little Canada, Minnesota; What Cheer, Iowa; Worms, Nebraska; and Zap, North Dakota.

Who knows? Maybe the next time you want to travel out west towards Plenty Bears, South Dakota, you may find a couple of bears roaming the plains.

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