When you think of all the types of restaurants in South Dakota there isn't a category we miss out on. From fine dining to family. Fast food to the buffet. Casual to take-n-bake.

But there is one restaurant in the state that does a knock-out job on ONE thing. Steak! In Hill City, South Dakota you will find one of the most popular destinations for filet mignon.

Voted Restaurant of the Year, The Alpine Inn has been a gold mine attraction in the Black Hills since the days of the Harney Peak Hotel of 1886. Family-owned & operated for over 3 decades on Main Street where people from all over the world have dined and stayed the night.


With only ONE item on the dinner entree menu during the evening sittings, you only have to answer two questions. What size and how do you like your filet cooked? My answer is always the same. Large and medium-rare.

Hand-cut prime beef tenderloin, baked potato, toast, and a wedge salad with made-from-scratch salad dressing.

They haven't forgotten the kids with Kaes Spaetzle, grilled cheese, and the standby PB&J.


Think you're up for dessert? You may want to make that the small filet due to the length of the list.

The lunch menu is quite different. You will be treated to mouth-watering german specials like Schnitzel, croissant sandwiches, homemade soups, and plentiful salads.

The Alpine Inn has a complete line of Bavarian beers, wines, and wine-based cocktails too.


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