On average, property taxes in South Dakota are on the higher side, as it currently ranks in the top tier of the highest property tax rates in the U.S. But some of the counties in the Mount Rushmore State have a far higher rate than others. In fact, the South Dakota County with the highest might be a bit of a surprise.

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Which County Has the Highest Property Tax Rate in South Dakota?

Sioux Falls Property Tax Increase
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If you were thinking that Minnehaha County had the highest property taxes in the state, you'd be forgiven, as it has the highest population and its rates are quite high at 1.40%.

Pennington County has the second-highest population in the state, and like Minnehaha, also has some of the highest property taxes at 1.35%.

According to the Smart Asset Calculator, Lincoln County currently has the highest property tax rate in the state at 1.48%.

Lincoln County

This eastern South Dakota county has the highest property taxes in the state. The median annual property taxes paid by homeowners in Lincoln County is $3,557. A major reason for the high tax payments here is that Lincoln County also has the highest median home value in the state of $240,200. The county’s average effective property tax rate is 1.48%.

-Smart Asset Calculator

Now that you know the highest, you might be asking which county has the lowest property taxes in the Mount Rushmore State. Take a look at this article and find out.

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