The 100th Season of the NFL and the Chicago Bears...these monumental milestones should have set the tone for the entire season.  The Bears had the best scenarios handed to them but fell short. Instead, a promising season soon developed into one disappointment after another.   As football fans have many exciting games to look forward to in Week 16 of the NFL, the best Bears’ fans can do is cheer for the Minnesota Vikings to beat the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football!

Think about it: the Bears' kicked-off the 2019  NFL seasoning prime time on a Thursday night, had home-field advantage and were facing their oldest rival in franchise history. The Bears vs. Packers contest also represented the oldest rivalry in the storied history of NFL.  The hype for an exciting 100th NFL season was all there, and the Bears never lived up to the hype or all expectations that were identified for this team.  This was never more evident than in the team's 200th meeting last weekend with the Green Bay Packers; certainly, the worst possible outcome that ended the Bears’ hopes for the postseason.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this season’s missed opportunities and miseries as well as many questions that must be answered.  Will Mitch Trubisky be the quarterback of the future for the Bears?  Will Bears’ fans witness Trubisky’s development as a franchise quarterback? Will Head Coach Matt Nagy allow his team to take more chances? Will preseason preparation be more meaningful?  And one of my biggest questions:  Will Coach Nagy adjust his philosophy and allow starters to participate in any preseason games before the regular season gets underway?

Only time will tell......For now, as a Bears fan, I can only hope that management and coaching staff learn from past mistakes and use that knowledge to create solid, productive football strategies for the future.  Until then, Go Bears!


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