There's nothing better than getting together with some friends on a nice, hot summer day and floating down the river on an innertube.

Whether you're just lazily drifting along your local waterway alone or in a large group; tubing down the river is a right passage for many living in the Hawkeye State.

With that being said, many Iowans may not realize that this simple activity may, in fact, be illegal. And there's a very specific reason why.

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Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

It's no secret that plenty of Iowans have a drink or two while tubing down the river of their choice. Doing this is absolutely legal, however, the same laws that apply to alcohol consumption on boats are also applied to non-mechanized floating devices, including innertubes.

A BWI applies to operating a boat on the water. A boat can be mechanized, like a motorboat, or non-mechanized, like a rowboat without a motor. An operator of either type of boat can commit a BWI.

-Legal Beagle Website

The BAC (Blood Alcohol Consumption) while operating a boat or non-motorized floating vehicle is currently .08%, which is the same as operating a motor vehicle on land.

To learn more about the rules on the water on Iowa lakes and rivers, check out this article from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

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