Wedding season is in full swing in and life after the alter is pretty sweet in this South Dakota town.

Married couples are starting a life in this major South Dakota city more than any other spot in the country.

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A new study from SmartAsset examined where the most married and single people are living throughout the United States. Officials with the new study explain they found the newest marriage and singlehood trends across 118 cities. The most common trend? Our relationship status affects everything in our life regardless if we're married or single.

Whether you’re single or married affects more than your love life. Your relationship status can have a significant impact on your finances. Common advantages of being single include greater career flexibility and lower expenses. On the other hand, a couple also its own financial advantages, including tax benefits, Social Security benefits and economies of scale.

Some trends include:

  • Single women vastly outnumber single men in these Southern towns.
  • Great Lakes area cities rank at the top for being single. This includes cities like Detriot, Cincinnati, Rochester, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh
  • More than 15% of people are divorced in these four cities (Shreveport, LA,  Hialeah, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, and Spokane, WA

One South Dakota did make the 10 cities with the most married people list from SmartAsset. Which South Dakota city? The biggest one in the state: Sioux Falls. Just over 50% of the city's population is married!

Percent of the population aged 15 and over that is now married from the "Where Most People Are Single or Married – 2024 Study:"

  1. Fremont, California: 58.4%
  2. Plano, Texas: 56.0%
  3. Santa Clarita, California: 53.0%
  4. Chesapeake, Virginia: 52.9%
  5. Henderson, Nevada: 51.2%
  6. Colorado Springs, Colorado: 51.0%
  7. Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 50.2%
  8. Irvine, California: 50.1%
  9. Irving, Texas: 49.6%
  10. San Jose, California: 49.3%

More details on the Where Most People Are Single or Married – 2024 Study can be found here.

So if you're a newlywed looking for a new place to call home, looks like Sioux Falls is the place to be!

How Much Does a Wedding Cost in South Dakota?

Gallery Credit: Chuck Wood

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are not my own and are taken from a list provided by

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