OK, virtually everyone knows Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota (although I've seen people on TV say 'In Dakota'). And yes, most know we have the world's only Corn Palace. Oh, and if you don't know we have Wall Drug, well then you haven't driven a black topped road in a long while.

But there may be some things you don't know about our state (OK, and my not care too much about, but let's have some fun here).

For example, do you know which town is known to have the tallest water tower in the state? I'll bet you've wondered about that for years. C'mon, sure you have.

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Well, when you go to beautiful Bowdle, look up! They have the tallest.

The oldest daily newspaper in the state? Yep, it's the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan, first published in 1861 (Wish I had that first copy).

When you're traveling our beautiful state, careful of the Prairie Rattlesnake. It's the only venomous snake native to our state (No political jokes please. Thank you).

You may have gazed upon something called 'Mountain Of Rock' and didn't even know it. That was the name of Mt. Rushmore before the Prez's were carved there. While I'm sure it was pretty cool, it may not have been quite as awe inspiring.

If you were to travel to Deadwood you'd see lots of gaming establishments. If you traveled there in 1876, you'd see lots of prostitutes. It's estimated that 90% of the women there at that time were, ah, ladies of the evening. Working women, as it were.

And if you're a car guy or girl, feast your eyes on a Tucker...and an Edsel! You can do just that at the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo. And if you don't have any idea what a Tucker or an Edsel is, give your Granddad (Or Great Granddad) a call.

I found all these trivia facts at Legends Of America dot com. I gotta admit, I'd heard that 'Ladies of The Evening' were an important part of Deadwood's history. And I'd read that Yankton had the oldest newspaper. But I guess I do have to take a Bowdle road trip to take a look at that water tower!

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