After serving the Sioux Falls School District for almost five years, Dr. Brian Maher will step down as superintendent this June.  The board has been on the move to find a new superintendent since December as a result of the community's input.

Cynthia Mickelson, School Board President of the Sioux Falls School District is participating in this process for the first time.  But luckily, she's not alone.  "I'm lucky to have three other board members who have been through this process before when Dr. Maher was hired.  So I rely on their feedback as well as past board members," says Cynthia Mickelson.

Part of the search included securing the opinions of Sioux Falls residents.  The school district conducted a survey asking parents to identify characteristics they were looking for in their next leader.  After the survey closed on January 12th, the top characteristics the community was looking for in a superintendent included the following in the "Leadership Profile:"

  • Community Leader (A strong spokesperson)
  • A Team Mentality (A team player)
  • Coach than Player

Mickelson recalled the survey needed to be completed in a timely matter.  "We want to move quickly in this process.  With the announcement happening right before the holidays, that always throws a little 'hiccup' in how active and available people are to start working on the hiring process," stated Mickelson.

The board is assuring the public that they are finding the best candidate possible for the position.  This hire is all on them.  "We hire the superintendent.  He/she is the only employee the board hires," states Mickelson.  "The Superintendent hires the staff, so he/she is the gateway to the district staff for the board."

Applications are still open.  Once the board finalizes the candidates, the interview process will begin.  Ideally, the board would like to fill the position by June 30th.

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