People say that this post-COVID world is the 'new normal', whatever that means.

Many are asking what Trick-or-treating will look like on Halloween. Does a Halloween mask count as a face covering or do people still need to wear their cloth mask under their Batman mask?

And how will candy distribution work with social distancing? That question has been answered by a resourceful family in Pennsylvania.

The Mak family has come up with an idea to launch candy at trick-or-treaters by turning a version of the Medieval war machine, the catapult into the 'Candypult."

"We thought we could try to come up with a creative way to throw candy at kids...safely," Vince Mak told Fox43. "With everything going on, everyone just needs to feel happy and find something to laugh at."

Mak and his son Connor built the Candypult out of wood and painted it bright orange.

Candy is put into the Candypult's bucket and launched from the front porch down to the waiting trick-or-treaters on the sidewalk.

The Candypult has been very popular so far. "I guess we'll have to get extra candy this year," Mak said.

If someone in the Sioux Falls area built a Candypult, I would come out of trick-or-treating retirement just to see it!

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