Who better to determine not only the worst but also the best, Halloween candies than a place named Candy Store? Or, is it?

After all, they polled over 20,000 people, to come up with their top 10 for each list. And this was after they perused information from such diverse sources as Huffington Post, Bon Apetit, and Thrillist, to name but a few.

Everyone has their most and least favorites, and statistics aside, some food critics and nutritionists take it upon themselves to decide the same question (Woman's Day). So combining their information seems like the most inclusive and comprehensive thing to do.

A few of the worst candies have changed places, but nothing as major as the number one & two places!

Many of the candies show up on several lists, not in the same order, but nevertheless, here they are.

Sources: USA TodayCandy Store and Woman's Day

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