So there you are in your Halloween costume. You might be a ghost. You might be a goblin. Maybe Superman or Wonder Woman. And no, you're not a video game favorite character. There are no favorite video game characters, except maybe Pac-Man or a Mario Brother.

You see, it's Halloween 19-something, and while you're getting ready to take the kiddies out trick or treating, you're sitting at the kitchen table thinking about when it was your turn when you pulled on that mask or Halloween costume and hit the streets for treats.

You had your favorites, right?

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Oh, you'd get some clunkers in your trick-or-treat bag or plastic pumpkin, alright. But those could be passed on to your brother or sister, your mom or dad. You'd pour out those candy treasures on the dining room table and sort out your favorites.

Butterfinger BB's. Summit Bars. A Butter Brickle Candy Bar or two...or three. Bonkers and...hey look!! Two Milkshake Bars!! How about these others:

  • Space Dust Sizzling Candy
  • Bit o' Licorice
  • Nestle Alpine White with Almonds
  • PBMax
  • Slush Puppie

Yep, life was just plum grand on Halloween night with all that great candy you loved. And what do all those favorites have in common (besides being delicious!)?

They're all gone. Vamoosed. Dead. See ya later, alligator.

That's right, you've now reached the age where, not only are Woolworths and Blockbuster a distant memory, but your favorite Halloween treats also reside in the Candy Store over there is the dustbin of history.

I was checking out the METV website (speaking of long-ago memories, this site is full of 'em) and they had a story about trading today's candy favorites for the ones we loved 'back in the day'. And I discovered I'd like to have a taste or two of these candies from a decade or two or three or four ago.

Now pass me some Space Dust, get off the couch, and turn on the Andy Griffith Show.

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