The Nation Kidney Foundation/Dakotas is working to "transform the future of kidney disease research, diagnosis, and treatment." They have a passion to help all people affected by kidney disease.

The problem is, a lot of Americans are completely unaware that they are at risk for kidney disease and its devastating effects on your body and your life. That number of Americans is currently 33%, or 1 in 3 people currently at risk.

37 million Americans have kidney disease. 100,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant. Or you can look at it this way -- one in seven people already have kidney disease but less than 10% of them are aware they have it.

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This is one of the dedicated goals of NKF/Dakotas- -to educate people about kidney disease and then to enhance their lives with the support and care they need now and in the future.

March is National Kidney Month and this year the focus for individuals with kidney disease is on taking charge of their health and learning how to better manage the disease.

To do this kidney patients need to understand what the kidneys do and what the risk factors are. The NKF/Dakotas urge people to check their numbers frequently, like their blood pressure, their glucose level, and more. Also to know the warning signs of what can lead to kidney disease, most prominently -- high blood pressure and diabetes.

You can take a short quiz here to determine if you might be one of the 33% at risk for kidney disease.

For more information follow the NKF/Dakotas online and on Facebook or call Gene Dickey at 605-360-4939.

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