Where is South Dakota's cultural hotspot? Where in our state is the most fun, entertaining, enjoyable town to be in? And on the flipside, where is the least fun place to be?

Of course all that is a subjective call. If you like quiet, big skies and open spaces, you'd probably not be down for a night out in SooFoo. However, the internet demands that we rank and list things, so the folks at Business Insider chose the most exciting and the most boring cities in every state.

...we took counts of the number of establishments for 66 different types of businesses — like breweries, art dealers, and museums — that can make a city more "interesting." We sourced data from the Census Bureau's 2015 County Business Patternsprogram and picked the metro areas with the highest and lowest count of these businesses for our interesting and boring cities.

According to that data, they say:

  • Sioux Falls is the most exciting 
  • Rapid City is the most boring

They must have forgot about Flintstone Village and Reptile Gardens, because they would have bumped up RC's score. but, otherwise it's no real surprise that the hub of excitement is right here in Sioux Falls.

I guess being the center of the ice cream world didn't' help our friends in Le Mars, Iowa, because this is how that state faired.

  • Most Exciting: Des Moines, West Des Moines, Iowa
  • Most Boring: Ames, Iowa

The most exciting city in Nebraska is no surprise. And I guess, if you;ve been there, the most boring is no surprise either.

  • Most Exciting: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Most Boring: Grand Island, Nebraska

Of course the home of the creator fo "Batdance" would top the list on Minnesota

  • Most Exciting: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Most Boring: Mankato, Minnesota

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