The Arc of Dreams dedication on Wednesday is more than just lighting up the city skyline.  It's about celebrating six years of hard work and dedication.

South Dakota Artist, Dale Lamphere, wanted to make the Arc of Dreams memorable for the people of South Dakota and its visitors.  Jeff Hanson from the Sculpture Walk says, "The Arc of Dreams adds to the city's vibrant arts culture in a monumental way that will be a landmark destination for the people of Sioux Falls and visitors from around the world."

Hanson adds that the Arc of Dreams is the capstone of success that the Sculpture Walk has had over the last 16 years.  In fact, the walk has showcased more than 800 sculptures in Downtown Sioux Falls and has attracted more than 300-thousand people to the city.

Now that the Arc of Dreams is home, Hanson says the sculpture honors dreamers of the past, present, and inspires the future.  "The gap in the Arc of Dreams represents the 'leap of faith' that people need to take to believe in themselves and turn their dreams into reality," states Hanson.

The Arc of Dreams dedication starts at 7:30 in the Raven parking lot.

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