In the mid-1980's the United States had over 15,000 video rental stores. Popular stores include Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and Popingo! Due to significantly less demand, few rental shops have survived into the 2010s. But one of them is still thriving in South Dakota and its located in Pierre.

Move Mania is owned and operated by Nancy Hiller. She has always wanted to own a movie rental store. Its a family business where she works alongside her husband and sometimes her sister helps fill in. Not only do they offer movie rentals but they also have a variety of purses in different styles and colors as well as wallets, scarves, bible covers, and jewelry.

According to the Sioux City Journal, at the start of 2019, there were still other stores in the state. But Video Plus in Dell Rapids closed in March. Mr. Movies in Rapid City announced that movie rentals had ceased in July, and they'll close sometime in August after selling off their stock.

Nancy has no desire to close up the store saying, "I'll try everything I can to stay open because I don't want to let the dream die."

Source: Sioux City Journal

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