I guess you could call it the 'Capitol Of The County'.

It's the County Seat. It's that town in your county where you go to get your auto license tags, your driver's license renewed, pay your county taxes. It's where you're county courthouse is located.

In other words, it's where all the business of the county is conducted.

Here in Minnehaha County, it's Sioux Falls. In neighboring Lincoln County it's Canton. I've lived in Tripp County (Winner), Brown County (Aberdeen), Brookings County (Brookings), and Pennington County (Rapid City). All of those places are pretty good size towns, at least by South Dakota standards.

So, what is the smallest County Seat in the entire state?

Well, the smallest County Seat in South Dakota is the unincorporated community of Gann Valley in Buffalo County with a population of just 14 people.

And the smallest incorporated County Seat is Mound City in Campbell County with a population of just 71. But Olivet in Hutchinson County isn't far behind either. That County Seat is 74 people strong.

Now, all those population numbers are according to the 2010 census, so they may be adjusted a bit when the 2020 numbers come out. So how many of the small County Seats have you visited?

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