Most comedians get their start in New York or Los Angeles. Seems obvious since they are the two largest cities in the United States.

But the guys over at Thrillist wanted to find out who are the best-undiscovered comedians in each state. Before we unveil who is killing it in South Dakota the stats are based on who they talked to at comedy clubs, how well they scoured on YouTube and other platforms and sitting through countless hours of performances.

As for South Dakota's Best-Undiscovered Comedian, that would be Rapid Cities own, Zac Maas. The website says:

Though he calls Denver home now, Zac Maas hails from South Dakota, which you may not be surprised to learn has limited resources to offer comedians looking to make it big. That didn't stop Maas from pursuing a career in comedy, which he began in earnest by telling jokes in a pizza parlor, in front of an audience he calls "one of the highest crowds I have ever performed for." Since then he's gone on to perform alongside the likes of Gilbert Gottfried and Mike Birbiglia, and is a member of the comedy game show Uncalled Four.

Not only that he also does a podcast called, “Whiskey and Cigarettes" which has won the Denver Westword's people’s choice award for best podcast three years in a row. So if you can't get a chance to see him perform live on the stage, maybe tune into his podcast and check out South Dakota's funniest comedian!

You can see the entire list of Best-Undiscovered Comedians in each state by going to

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