Expensive. It is the first word that comes to mind when I think of a wedding. Yes, there are some people who tend to take a wedding day and turn it into a spendy family get together as is their right to do so. But some of us would prefer to spend that money on a nice honeymoon or a home.

Now here in South Dakota, the average wedding in total should cost $14,437 according to valuepenguin.com. This number I thought seemed a bit low at first glance when this site also states that the average wedding in the US tends to cost around $30,000.

The most expensive places to get married are NY, Flordia and Chicago (no shocker there). On the other hand, the cheapest places to tie the knot are in Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, and Mississippi.

Typically the most expensive part of any wedding is the venue. Followed by the ring and this site claims that the average ring costs over $5,000 (that's a lot on a ring) followed by the band and photographer.

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Know someone who is getting married soon? We found three items that could be considered both useful and a gift.


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Naturally, I'm a planner and if I was getting married I know I would want one of these by my side to write some notes and ideas down in.