I can't really speak from experience on this one, because I'm currently not a woman, at least not the last time I checked anyway. But, I have heard from a very reliable source, (my wife), that every woman secretly does all seven of these things, and will never admit to it.

For instance most women,

  • Own a bazillion bras but usually keep wearing the same one or two that make their boobs look amazing.
  • Often times wake up wearing yesterday's makeup. But instead of washing their face and starting all over from scratch, they'll just apply a new layer on top of the existing makeup to start a new day. (Yikes, that sounds a little gross to me!)
  • On the day or days that they really don't feel like shaving their armpits, will break out their long sleeved shirts. You definitely know that is the case if you see a woman wearing long sleeves a lot during the summer months.
  • Say the opposite of what their thinking.
  • Simply do not know how to handle a compliment some day's.
  • Buy stuff to feel better. But then end up feeling worse when you realize you really don't need it.
  • Do their very own happy dance when they take off their bra at the end of each day.

So what do you say ladies, does this sound about right? Have anything you want or need to add to the list?

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