Sioux Falls Police officers were called to the Kenny Anderson Community Center on Thursday (November 29) at approximately 4:00 PM, in Northern Sioux Falls when a worker at the facility saw two juveniles showing something to each other that appeared to be a gun. According to Captain Loren McManus with the Sioux Falls Police Department, officers were close by and arrived quickly, however, the teens had just left.

Additional units searched for the boys in the neighborhood, found them and began to question them further as police records indicated both were on an active runaway list. A thorough search in the surrounding neighborhood of Kenny Anderson Community Center was made, along with a search of the residences of both teens. No gun was found.

The search did reveal one of the juveniles had several types of drugs and was charged. The unnamed 15-year-old was cited for illegal possession of a prescription drug, possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, possession in a drug-free zone and underage possession of tobacco. The teen was taken to the juvenile detention center. The other teen, a 16-year-old, was not charged.

McManus says if you live in the neighborhood near Kenny Anderson Community Center and find a weapon or anything else suspicious, contact police.

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