When you are losing big in a high school football playoff game, you may never see a head coach decide to give up a touchdown, but on Thursday you saw exactly that with Sturgis and Mitchell High School during the South Dakota playoffs.

Mitchell had inserted their homecoming king into the game at running back and Sturgis head coach Chris Koletzky may have called his best defensive play of his career.

Tayler Reichelt took the ball up the middle and went 57 yards un-touched for the touchdown.

So how am I sitting here praising a head coach who was down big in a playoff game who basically called the ole defense? Well, the background to the story will make you a huge fan of Coach Koletzky and Tayler Reichelt.

Tayler Reichelt has down syndrome and as you can see, that certainly hasn't held this young man back.

The Mitchell High School football team has been proud to call him a member of their squad and this year he was elected homecoming king.

Nicknamed "King T," Reichelt can be an inspiration to us all, to dream big, be ourselves and have some fun while we are doing it.

At the same time, Coach Koletzky can be an inspiration to us all as well.  Showing us that looking at the bigger picture and teaching life lessons to young men may be a more important role than teaching them x's and o's.

Mitchell would go on to win 79-22 and advance to the second round of the playoffs in the state of South Dakota.

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