Every once in a while, you come across something from a bygone era. That's what it feels like for anyone who happens to stumble upon this Iowa road.

The fact that this road still exists is pretty remarkable. Just make sure you have the proper set of wheels if you're thinking of driving it.

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Where Is This Hidden Iowa Road Located?

Credit: Iowa PBS
Credit: Iowa PBS

You can find this unique road, along with many other sights to see in Iowa's Loess Hills. Specifically, it's found at Mile Hill Lake in Mills County, located in the far southwestern part of the state, near the town of Glenwood.

What Are The Loess Hills in Iowa Anyway?

Credit: Iowa PBS
Credit: Iowa PBS

The Loess Hills are a unique area of hills and valleys that spans over 200 miles. They are predominantly in western Iowa but also cover portions of South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, and even Kansas. The soil is softer than typical soil in the region, which gives it its distinctive features. In fact, there's only one other place in the world that has hills like these and it's in China.

The Loess Hills were created around 20,000 years ago when rivers in the valley dried and westerly winds deposited this loose soil in the region, creating the hills.

Check out the full video through this level B road in the Loess Hills in the YouTube link from Iowa Road Trip below.

You can also learn more about the Loess Hiss and the best spots to travel along the national scenic byway from the Visit Loess Hills Website.

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