There is a lot of excitement around Minnesota, especially at the Minnesota Zoo!

The staff at the Minnesota Zoo have been keeping a huge secret from its loyal visitors since May. One of their Amur tigers gave birth to not one but two lovely cubs!

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Zoo officials with the Minnesota Zoo did confirm two Amur tigers were born on Thursday, May 23rd. The new mom gave birth to a female cub and a male cub. The ultimate brother and sister team will be the stars of the Minnesota Zoo!

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So where have these cute cubs been hiding? Animal Care and Health teams at the Minnesota Zoo have been "closely-monitoring" the cubs and new mom Sundari (AKA Dari for short).

Three words. Two animals. A whole lot of cuteness. We're soo excited to share that two Amur tiger cubs were born on May 23rd! Both cubs – one male and one female – have been successfully bonding in a behind-the-scenes habitat with their mother.

Mom and cubs are all doing well! They will continue to be behind the scenes for a little while longer as they bond and thrive as a young family.

This is truly a special time for staff at the Minnesota Zoo and visitors! They already can't wait to meet the newest zoo residents:

Oh my goodness, YAY!!! I love them!

They are so adorable! Congrats to all! Can't wait to see them!

Cuteness overload! They are adorable!

Fantastic news! Good work tiger team!

Congratulations to the Minnesota Zoo!

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