It's not every day one of the best quarterbacks who ever played in the NFL visits a small Iowa town.

Caddy's Kitchen & Cocktails in Council Bluffs, Iowa received a special visit from "The Sheriff": Two-time Super Bowl Champion, Five-time MVP, and Hall of Fame athlete Peyton Manning. 

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Caddy's Kitchen & Cocktails (via Facebook)
Caddy's Kitchen & Cocktails (via Facebook)

Former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning was seen hanging out with his family at Caddy's Kitchen & Cocktails in Iowa. Inside this local Iowa eatery was a huge party for Peyton's son and his baseball team. Peyton reserved the private dining area to celebrate the Men's College World Series. 

The staff at Caddy's Kitchen & Cocktails were super surprised and excited to see Peyton Manning and his family walk into the restaurant. According to an article from the Go Iowa Awesome website, the reservation was put under a different family member's name. 

“We didn’t know until about the last minute so we were shocked when we saw him,” Caddy’s general manager Brad Sala said. “He did have to run through the dinner rush and some people did spot him out, but we escorted him and his family to our private dining room and they had a nice time here.”

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Thanks to the people at Caddy's Kitchen & Cocktails, it sounds like the Manning family was grateful for the privacy during the family and team gathering.

It's so awesome to see this major football icon take the time to support a local business in Iowa. Come back to visit the Midwest anytime, Sheriff!

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