According to the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association (JPMA), if you have a baby monitor in the house you want to make sure you keep current with the updates - especially if you have one of those fancy monitors because apparently the more complicated the monitor the easier it is to hack into the system.

While researching the subject, experts ran across a South Carolina mom who believes hackers broke into her baby monitor to spy on her family. First-time mom Jamie Summitt says she thought she noticed something strange about the baby monitor she was given by a friend.

"We were eating and noticed that the monitor started moving and panned over to our bed and paused for a few seconds, and then panned back over to our son who was sleeping in his bassinet right next to our bed."

She immediately disconnected the device, cancelled the app on her phone and called the local police.

Experts advice parents to regularly check the manufacturer's website and download all software updates whenever possible. It's also recommended that you use a strong home password and security settings to reduce the risk of vulnerability.

Source: ABC News


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