Patty is rarely if ever in a bad mood.  No...really.  But if she is she'll shut you down like a KMart.

But a new survey by the vitamin brand Healthspan reveals that the average woman spends five hours a week in a bad mood. Other findings:

  • 50% of women claim they are always moody
  • 40% of women say they have gotten moodier with age
  • 23% of women say their 'moodiness' has affected their relationship
  • 25% of women say their partner is often at the root of their bad mood
  • 10% of women say chocolate makes them feel less moody
  • 15% of women spend more time in a bad mood than happy
  • 68% of men zone out when their partner is in a bad mood
  • 15% of men tell their partner 'to snap out of it' when they are in a bad mood

Top 10 Triggers for a Bad Mood

  1. Being overweight
  2. Partner not listening
  3. Feeling under the weather
  4. Weather/ bad weather
  5. Not having enough money
  6. Technology e.g. internet crashing / computer not working
  7. Feeling undervalued
  8. No one helping with anything
  9. Time of the month
  10. PMS

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