When sixteen people reported throat irritation and coughing at a north end Sioux Falls business, a multitude of first responders, including the hazmat team immediately responded. What they found causing the irritant is something that could be in your home or business today.

Talecris Plasma Resources evacuated their offices and requested help to investigate a strong odor on Monday (April 1) at 7:00 PM.

Crews made sure everyone was out of the building and started going through the area, but did not get any significant readings. Meanwhile, those who had evacuated were rapidly improving and did not need additional medical attention.

"The original crew continued monitoring with their 4-gas monitor and were not getting any readings, said Battalion Chief Jim Powers. "The captain asked Metro Communications to dispatch a Hazardous Materials team from Sioux Falls Fire Rescue to evaluate the area using additional monitoring equipment. The Hazmat team identified the odor as belonging to an irritant class of chemicals which fit with the symptoms displayed by those affected. The source of the odor was pinpointed to a medical waste container where disinfectant wipes had been discarded."

The bin with disinfectant wipes was removed from the building, the area was aired out and those who were evacuated were allowed to return to the business.


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