The owner of a popular custard stand is making some waves for a rule he's implemented.

Ron Schneider owns Leon's Frozen Custard in Milwaukee and he has come under fire after ordering his employees to speak only English while on the clock.

"We've done this for years. I don't know what the big flap really is. The last time I checked this is the United States of America even though a lot of things are changing." He adds, "It becomes a business issue, a safety issue," Schneider said. "It's much easier to try and conduct business if everyone can understand each other."

It's unclear how the long the rule has been in effect and it's only come under scrutiny after a customer speaking Spanish was told he had to place the order in English. That customer took to social media where it spread.

The League of United Latin American Citizens got wind of the matter and has asked the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to look into it.

Schneider, meanwhile, makes no apology for the policy. "If you don't [speak English], we're gonna try and wait on you as best we can," he said. I have a couple of employees who are pretty fluent in Spanish. Trouble is, these part-time kids, they're not here all the time. So if you come up here expecting we can speak Spanish, we may be able to, but we may not."

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