A bill that would restrict the locker rooms that transgender students can use was withdrawn from consideration at the Senate Education Committee meeting on Tuesday January 31, 2017.

Senator Jim Bolin of Canton, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, says the bill's author, Republican Senator Lance Russell of Hot Springs, asked for it to be withdrawn.

The bill would have required public school students to use the locker rooms, shower rooms and changing facilities matching their gender at birth.

Bolin says it's possible someone could try to introduce a similar bill, but he does offer a measure of caution:

That would still be the option of members who have at least three more bills they can introduce during this week.  My response to any member who would seek, to bring such an engage in such activity would be that would be an extremely unwise decision.

Governor Daugaard  said that he would have vetoed Senate Bill 115 had it gotten to his desk.  He cited local control and potential economic impact to the state as reasons that he did not support the bill.

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