That Clarence Birdrseye was a (ahem) pretty cool guy.

He was the fella that figured out that if foods could be frozen, he could deliver them pretty much all over the country. And then, all over the world. That was about a hundred years ago and now we can stuff our freezer with all kinds of great food. They'll keep for almost forever and still be great. Yippee!

But not all your delicious foods should be there in the freezer. Nope, the freezer will ruin some of your favorites.

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You might want to check if you put any of the following food items in your freezer to keep them 'good'. If you did, oops...

So check that freezer and see if there's something in there you've been keeping that maybe you shouldn't. While that freezer is great for a whole lot of foods, a whole lot doesn't mean all. and First For Women contributed to this article

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