When police stopped a driver in north Sioux Falls, they hoped to find the owner of the car who had a warrant for his arrest, but they also found much more.

The suspect's vehicle was stopped near the intersection of Cliff and 56th Street North on Tuesday (October 30) at 2:41 PM, as the driver had an active warrant for burglary in Minnehaha County. A female passenger was also along with him.

In addition to placing their suspect in handcuffs, they conducted a routine search of the vehicle and discovered a stash of jewelry that had recently been stolen. At least 7 area robberies have been linked to the stolen jewelry. Police also found meth and paraphernalia.

Tyler Mehlbrech, 31, from Mitchell was arrested as well as the passenger Scarlett Morck, 21 from Sioux Falls.

Both were charged with possession of a control substance and paraphernalia. Mehlbrech's warrant was for a burglary charge. Additional charges could be pending.



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